​​Ultra-Wide-Bandgap semiconductor (UWBGS) electronics are considered to be Next-Generation. UWBGS materials are a subset of Wide-Gapband Semiconductors (WBGS) material and are defined as those WBGS materials which have a bandgap above that of GaN, which is 3.4 eV. These UWBGS materials include materials such as diamond, gallium oxide (Ga2O3), AlGaN, and AlN. UWBGS materials have vast potential to support the realization of devices with even higher levels of performance than devices based on Si, GaAs, SiC, or GaN. It is through graduated opportunities that we endeavor and do pursue, explore, develop, test, optimize, review, assess and reconcile our proprietary synthetic diamond methodology that relates to large-scale single-cell diamond semiconductors. Currently, we are fully apprised on the various methods of manufacturing lab-grown synthetic diamond Including but not limited to ADNRs (hyper diamonds/nanodiamonds), microwave plasma chemical vapor deposition (MPCVD) techniques also by utilizing high-pressure and high-temperature (HPHT) and other known techniques within this space. We represent a new and wholly different methodology for UWBGS diamond creation, utilizing our unique process. For discovery and manufacturing. 


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