Founder and director Guy Ifrati is a significant driving force within our company and he has many confidiancial and significant business contacts from Manhattan to Tel Aviv, chiefly within the sectors of finance and high-tech. Guy is motivated, savvy and a man of true integrity, it is an honor to work side by side with him.

Founder and director Steven Hendrix is an established business consultant, entertainment business manager, creative, visionary thinker, inventor and is the managing partner.  

Jax360 R&D has other promising theories, hypotheses, ideas and concepts to further.

Together we seek and are open to investment and/or venture capital financing. Our motivated team is highly principled and prepared for the assured successes and exceptional breakthroughs that our new methodology will develop and deliver. Jax360 R&D has a low-risk and high-yield potential. We invite you to stand with us and thereby leverage your equity, as we span the valley between research, product innovation and successful production. Our deliverables will be stunning.

Steve Hendrix  

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